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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Deer Harbor Charters

Whale watching is certainly a highlight for many of our guests visiting Orcas Island. Here is a great story I just received from Tom Averna, owner of Deer Harbor Charters, Rosario Resort & Spa's whale watching charter out of the Rosario marina:

Yesterday our boat from Rosario Resort was spending time with J and L pod watching them intermingle, forage and mate. The mating became very up close and personal.

With the engine off, the boat was drifting about 200 yards away from the whales. The closest whales to the boat was a male from L pod, which the naturalist thinks was L-57, Faith, a 26 year old and an unknown J pod female.

These two whales disappeared below the surface and suddenly came up within 20 yards of the boat. Way to close to move the boat out of the area. They then slowly approached the boat on the surface. As the whales approached the cameras on board began going off at lightning speed because everyone on board knew they were witnessing something very rarely seen in the wild. The whales could easily be seen just below the surface belly to belly as they came under the boat, continuing about 50 yards further past the boat finally coming up to the surface. The whales then separated from eachother and went to catch up to the rest of the whales.

The trust these whales displayed during one of the most important, intimate moments was felt by everyone on the boat. Peter, the captain told me there was complete silence for minutes after the encounter. Then the smiles appeared and nothing else needed to be said.

It's to bad the crew couldn't positively identify the female. However,17 months from now, if a newborn arrives we will have a fairly good idea who the father is

Tom Averna
Deer Harbor Charters

There is great whale watching through early October, so take the time to have this great life experience!

Photo courtesy of Charles Scheper and Deer Harbor Charters.

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