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Rosario Resort and Spa is located on beautiful Orcas Island in Washington State's San Juan Islands and welcomes visitors seeking relaxation and the unparalleled beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Centerpiece of Rosario is the historic Moran Mansion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Mansion houses the Moran Museum, The Spa, the Mansion Restaurant and Moran Lounge. To help us keep in touch with our guests, staff, and community, we are offering this blog featuring news and events about Rosario and Orcas Island. Please visit our website at www.rosarioresort.com for more information. If you would like to submit a photo or story idea for posting, please contact General Manager Christopher Peacock at cpeacock@rosarioresort.com.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lavender Fields

The lavender around the figure-eight pond at Rosario Resort & Spa is in full bloom! The lavender shrub is named from the Latin lavare, which means "to wash," because the ancient Romans and Carthaginians used lavender in their bath water as a perfume as well as for its therapeutic properties. It is certainly one our featured aromotherapy botanical oil blends created on the island to rebalance body & mind during a massage treatment in our Spa by the Bay!

A visitor...

... and a surprise color among the lavender!

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